Normal PDF and CDF in Dynare++

Hi all

I have a model which contains the normal pdf and cdf and want to solve it in Dynare++. The model runs fine in Dynare, but Dynare++ does not regconize normcdf() and normpdf(). Can I call these functions from matlab in some way or does Dynare++ use some other library of functions which includes the normal cdf and pdf?

Thank you for your help.


Indeed Dynare++ does not recognize normcdf() and normpdf(). However there is a workaround:

] For normpdf(), simply use the analytical formula of the normal PDF/:m]
] For normcdf(): Dynare++ recognizes the error function (erf) and the complementary error function (erfc) which are related to the normal CDF. See the Dynare++ tutorial, page 21, for the definition of erf and erfc, and for the relation between erf and normcdf/:m][/ul]

Hope this helps

Excellent, thank you very much Sebastien.