Non-deterministic IRFs

My understanding is that IRFs are always deterministic, and thus I should get exactly the same values every time I run my .mod file, no matter what seed I choose in set_dynare_seed(). However, I’m getting slightly different results each time.

Is there any way the IRFs could be non-deterministic?

That is only true at first order. At higher order, GIRFs are computed, which are based on simulations.

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Great, thanks.

If I set order=1 in the stoch_simul() command, will both the IRFs and simulation be created with first-order approximation?

Yes.The order-option governs all results displayed.

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Is it possible to compute 2nd-order IRFs deterministically? (without computing GIRFs)

That is only feasible if you condition on a particular path of past and future shocks.