No steady state for your model could be found

Hi, i am practicing basic NK model with some applications using dynare.

And i found some wonderful examples by prof. JohannesPfeifer and using these to study.

But when i used this(link below) and put some constant terms, the program doesn’t work, saying
“No steady state for your model could be found”
For example, i put rho(= -logbeta) in the natural interest rate and in the interest rate rule. And i also put log(1-a) -mup in natural wage as explained in the book of Gali Ch6.(*)

I already used resid(1) and noticed that steady state value = / 0

But as far as i know, the steady state value doesn’t have to be exact 0. It suffices to be near 0.

It worked when i run the basic NK model(with sticky price and without sticky wage) but not when i added sticky wage.

Could someone explain how can i use dynare with that specification(*) as in the book?

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