No second order approximation under stoch_simul

Hi all,

I have installed Dynare for Matlab/Windows on my new computer, and now I find that I get an error if I try to use stoch_simul in default mode, that is under a second order approximation (it works fine with order=1, but not with order=2).

The error message is:

?? Invalid MEX-file ‘C:\dynare_v3\matlab\gensylv.dll’: Procedure not found.
Error in ==> dr1 at 443
dr.ghxx = gensylv(2,A,B,C,D);
Error in ==> resol at 56
[dr,info] = dr1(dr,check_flag);
Error in ==> stoch_simul at 47
[dr_, info] = resol(ys_,0);

Can anybody point me to the source of this error, and how I can correct it?

Thanks a lot, Luise.