New Keynesian with a traded and non-traded good sector by Monacelli and Perotti (2010)

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May I ask someone who has the Appendix of Monacelli and Perotti (2010) for the model presentation and calibration? If it is possible, could you share the appendix and mod-file with me, please?

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Here is the reference:
Tommaso Monacelli, Roberto Perotti, Fiscal Policy, the Real Exchange Rate and Traded Goods, The Economic Journal, Volume 120, Issue 544, May 2010, Pages 437–461,

Thank you in advance.

Did you ask the authors?

Hello Prof. Pfeifer,

Thank you for your response.

I have emailed Prof. Monacelli for two weeks but have not received a response yet. So I ask here to see anyone have already had it.

So far, I am learning the new Keynesian model with tradable and non-tradable sectors. The model of this paper would be a great starting point.

I really hope anyone who already has the appendix and calibration could share them with me.

Thank you in advance.

I would recommend to keep bothering the authors and if nothing helps, contact the editor of the journal.


Dear Prof. Pfeifer,

May I know how I can find the contact information of the editor.

Try, i.e. the Editorial Office. See

Thank you so much. I have sent an email.

I also searching for the Dynare code for the same paper. I have sent an email to the authors but have not yet received a response.
Dear @SicongM, Did the editor reply you? If you got the code or the appendix, can you send it to me?



Unfortunately not. I also emailed the editor. The editor has reached out the author but no response yet.

Also, another paper in 2008 RBC model with two goods has a link to Appendix, but the link does not exist.

You can read a working paper written by Monacelli and Perotti (2006) including a small-open NK model with risk sharing condition. After that, you can extend it to two-sector model.

Monacelli and Perotti (2006), Fiscal policy, the trade balance and the real exchange rate: Implications for international risk sharing

Good luck

Thank you very much.