Need help for expressing model equation in expectation form

I want to confirm how I write the below expression,
mu(t) = beta*E_t{E_t(V(t+1)^(1-alpha))^(alpha/(1-alpha))V(t+1)^(-alpha)(r(t+1)+mu(t+1))}

where E_t is the current expectation parameter.

Given that I have defined,
W(t) = E_t(V(t+1)^(1-alpha))

In Dynare,
beta = betta;
alpha = alpa;

Then I can write the expression given at the top in Dynare as,
mu = betta*W^(alp/(1-alp))V(+1)^(-alp)(r(+1)+mu(+1))

Is the above expression correct? Thanks for your attention.

Yes it is correct.

Dynare implicitely adds E_t in front of every equation, so the equation you wrote in Dynare is actually equivalent to:

mu = E_t(betta*W^(alp/(1-alp))*V(+1)^(-alp)*(r(+1)+mu(+1)))

Which is equivalent to what you want (assuming that you also wrote W = V(t+1)^(1-alpha) in your MOD-file).