Monte Carlo Estimation Exercise

Dear All,
I trust you are well. I am trying to conduct a Monte-Carlo simulation exercise. The exercise is quite simple, generate a number of T x N data pseudo sets and estimate the model for each pseudo set. I thought that I would be able to do that by:

  1. replacing the with the simulated data (it turns out that the creation of a new dataset_ object is much easier than just replacing the data)
  2. using dynare_estimation_1(options_.varobs,’’) each time
    Unfortunately, it does work, dynare_estimation_1 seems to use always the same data set. I tried:
  3. clear dataset_
  4. clear -global dataset_
  5. clear(‘global’,‘dataset_’)
    Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated.

My guess is you provided a datafile to the estimation command so that the datafile is read out in every iteration. Try the approach at

Dear Johannes,
Many many many thanks for your prompt reply. You are spot on!
Many thanks again.