Moments_varendo - negative mean variance

Hi everyone,

My question is sort of related to the following legacy post. I use the moments_varendo command to let Dynare compute the mean moments for a posterior sample size of 1200 (default). As I am interested in the standard deviations of my endogenous variables, I access the variance of the variables by using the following path.


  1. However, I find that for some of the variables the mean variance is negative which translates into a complex standard deviation.

  2. Also, I have experimented with the posterior_max_subsample_draws = x (where I have set x = 500, 1000, 5000). However, the mean doesn’t change over the three samples.

Do you know how this is possible or am I doing something wrong?

I should add I’m using dynare version 4.5.6.



That is strange. I would need to see the files. Also: do you have the same issue in Dynare 4.6.1?