Model reproduction with log-lin equations of paper failed

I am currently trying to reproduce the model of this paper.

I started by entering all model equations exactly as they appear in the paper. When I compare them to the equations used in the original code, I see some differences that i don’t fully comprehend and where I am not sure if they really make a difference for the IRF’s or if they are simply variations in notation.

This is my repdroduction attempt:
mo_03.mod (4.3 KB)

And this is the code that i am trying to repdroduce:
original.mod (6.3 KB)

Where did my attempt go wrong? (Besides the plotting that is not yet finalized.)

Thank you in advance.

Why are you trying to reproduce a file that you already have? Also, your question is too broad.

In order to see if the code is correct. And actually, I found a few mistakes. But you are right, sorry for the too broad question!