Model part equation syntax

Hello everyone,

I am studying a code of a paper which I will use for my own research. In this code I saw that the authors did not use the “=” symbol for explaining their equations but rather used a “-”. Example:

SDF - (betaH*uc(+1))/uc; 

instead of

SDF = (betaH*uc(+1))/uc;

with SDF as stochastic discount factor.

Is there any difference between these two types? When I changed some equations in my own model, it still generated output but somehow the numbers of the IRFs were different.

Kind regards

Hi @smoothJan,
Both equations have the same meaning and should deliver the same policy functions.
As stated in the reference manual:

When the equations are written in homogenous form, it is possible to omit the ‘=0’ part and write only the left hand side of the equation.

Please share your codes so that we can see why you are getting different results from what is expected.