Model is running, but "division by zero" in the warning. How to trace?

Hi, I’m very new in Dynare and working on slight modification of Ramanauskas’ model to suit Indonesia’s economy (enclosed is the mod file), and it’s actually running quite well (I used Dynare 4.5.6).

However, when checked the log file, I can see a few warnings showed up and one that concerned me is the “division by zero” (I enclosed the log here). It didn’t tell me though, from which equation it came up. Could anybody share how to trace such warnings, as I’m also not sure if the result is correct?
ramv06.log (115.4 KB)
ramv06.mod (6.8 KB)

From what I can see, this warning is no reason to worry about. Given your steady state values that span various orders of magnitude, the covariance matrix features very small and big values. That leads to numerical under-/overflow issues. The result should be some inaccuracy in the results that is usually not too bad. If you think your steady states are correct, then you have to live with this.

Thank you for your prompt response, Professor.
Will move forward then.