Model identification graph

Dear all:
I am a new user for DYNARE. I try to model a DSGE model with Bayesian estimation. After using “identification(ar=10)”, I got the following messages. It seems that the identification process is OK.

All parameters are identified in the model (rank of H).

All parameters are identified by J moments (rank of J).

And, when I check the “Identification strength with asymptotic Information matrix”, I find that PHIB, XW1SS, XW2SS are 0 (both relative to param value and relative to prior std).

I check the mode check plots, it seems OK for PHIB, XW1SS, and XW2SS.

Then, I see the trace plots, it seems OK for PHIB, XW1SS, and XW2SS, too.

Are the Bayesian estimation for the 3 parameters (PHIB, XW1SS, and XW2SS) OK?

Would someone help me to check the graphs below?

Thank you very much.

Paul (565.5 KB)

Identification seems fine. The values are not 0, but not displayed at all.

Dear Professor Jpfeifer

Thank you very much for your kindly advise.