Model calibration in several external files

I know it is possible to use an external file for the steady state of a model in Dynare, but I am wondering if it is possible to put into one or more external files the calibrated parameters of the model, so to switch to one particular calibration to see how it affects the model behaviour. I guess one can simply use ifthenelse loops but I am hoping for a more elegant and concise way to do this.

Thank you!

The best way is to use to use macro-processor switches to toggle between cases. You can use this to either read parameters from an external file or immediately put the parameters in the case distinction.

    @#if strict_targeting == 1
        @# include "strict_targeting_parameters.mod"
        @# include "flexible_targeting_parameters.mod"

You can then call the mod-file at the command line with the -D switch to select the case, e.g.
dynare mymodel -Dstrict_targeting=1

Perfect, that’s exactly what I needed! Thank you!