Mode check plots seems weird

I estimated a log-linearization form model with non-zero inflation and get this weird mode check plots. Does it mean something wrong in my model or estimation? I use the one-side HP filter for GDP , CPI and interest rate quarterly data.
Here is my mode check plots
mode_check1.pdf (7.8 KB)
mode_check2.pdf (6.9 KB)
mod file
baseline.mod (10.6 KB)
and data file
data.mat (2.4 KB)

The red dots indicate a problem with the steady state finding. Is there a reason you only provide initial values, not a steady_state_model?

Thanks professor for you reply, but I use steady_state_model, the mode sheck plots same as before.

Please provide the updated file.

data.mat (2.4 KB)
baseline.mod (10.7 KB)

This is not a proper steady_state_model-block. It will not take parameter dependence into account and will therefore not work for any other parameter vector. I get the error message:

Cannot solve the model for b (info = 19, The steadystate file did not compute the steady state)

Professor Pfeifer, are mode check plots for phi_i and rho_nu correct?
mode_check.pdf (9.3 KB)

Yes, they look ok. The thing to note is the scaling of the y-axes.