Mod file does not run

Hey there!

I have downloaded Dynare to use it in Matlab. Then via “set path” I have added the dynare/matlab folder. I tried to run an example mod file from the Dynare file. If I type “dynare filname.mod” into the command window, the code runs perfectly fine. Nevertheless, when I open the corresponding mod file I am not able to run the code. Can somebody help me resolve this issue?

Here is a screenshot of how the mod file looks like.

What do you mean? The “Run” button is only for *.m files

I understand, thank you! I was just wondering, because in other Videos the code has different colours. I have already added the mod file extension in the Preferences, but it does not work.

For syntax highlighting, you usually need to add the .mod ending to the C++ files in the preferences. However, there were issues with syntax highlighting on macOS.