Mixed shocks: Deterministic shock has no impact?

I am trying to run simulations using both stochastic and deterministic shocks. I started with the deterministic model (case of temporal shock) as in “Dynare User Guide” by Grifolli (Januare 2013; page 32). I found that k (capital stock) increases from 8 to 8.7 then converges back to 8. Then I added an exogenous shock (deterministic shock is included then using VAREXO_DET command; instead of SIMUL(PERIODS=2100); used STOCH_SIMUL(PERIODS=2100, IRF=0); FORECAST;) and found that deterministic shock has no impact on simulated time series (I changed the magnitude of the deterministic shock (from 0.1 to 0.0001) but results were the same). Further, k has never reached 8.7 value or even close (max value was 8.18). My best understanding was that in case of mixed shocks, the values of k would deviate along the values achieved using only deterministic shock. But it did not happen.
I was wondering whether DYNARE is not able to simulate models with mixed shocks or whether I failed to find where DYNARE store the simulated time series (I used oo_.endo_simul), or whether I did something wrong.

P.S. I am using Dynare 4.4.3 on Matlab R2015a.

Please try the unstable version and report back.

Thanks Johannes for prompt response.
The unstable version seems to be an improvement but I do not think it simulates the model with mixed shocks correctly (it is also possible that I do not know where to look for results).
Now, the dynamic of oo_.forecast.Mean.k (mixed shocks) is very similar to the dynamic of k (deterministic shock only), that is, they both are smooth upward sloping and then downward sloping lines (sim. to inverse v shape). However, oo_.forecast.Mean.k (mixed shocks) features no volatility that should be expected due to stochastic shock (its shape does not depend on the magnitude of the stochastic shock). Further, the behavior of k (mixed shocks; can be also found in oo_.endo_simul matrix) is not impacted by the magnitude of the deterministic shock (I tried 0.1 and 0.001 values of the temporal deterministic shock).

Maybe this file is helpful to get an insight into the workings: github.com/DynareTeam/dynare/blob/master/tests/forecast/Hansen_exo_det_forecast.mod

Thanks Johannes,