Mh_nblocks not working?

Using mh_nblocks=4, as follows:

estimation(order=1, datafile='dsgedata.csv', mh_replic=20000, mh_nblocks=4, mh_jscale=2.) ;

The results appear to be for a single chain of length 20000:

Acceptance rate chain 1: 0.26595

Chains MCMC chain (20000×8×1 Array{Float64, 3}):

Iterations        = 1:1:20000
Number of chains  = 1
Samples per chain = 20000

In the context file, this seems to be confirmed:

julia> (context.results.model_results[1]).estimation.posterior_mcmc_chains_nbr

I can create an issue on Dynare.jl if that would be helpful.

Thanks for reporting it. Yes, please open an issue in Dynare.jl