MCMC load previous estimation without recomputing

Hi Prof Pfeifer,

I have currently run my mod file with the following estimation command and I have found the values of posterior means and standard deviations of the parameters.
estimation(datafile=foreign_block,xls_sheet=foreign_block, xls_range=A1:C255,mh_replic=100000,lik_init=2, mh_nblocks=5, first_obs=4, mode_compute=6) lpistar lrstar lystar;

Now I would like dynare to use the load_mh_file and load_results_after_load_mh so that Dynare can use the previously computed statistics. In short, I do not want Dynare to run the MCMC algorithm everytime I run the mod file to estimate the parameters.

When I try the below command to do this, Dynare computes the statistics from scratch again. Please could you let me know how to edit the below command in mod file
estimation(datafile=foreign_block,xls_sheet=foreign_block, xls_range=A1:C255,lik_init=2, load_mh_file,load_results_after_load_mh ) lpistar lrstar lystar;

Many Thanks

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You need to set mh_replic=0 if you do not want to add draws. Otherwise, Dynare will use the default 2000 additional draws.