Maximum likelihood estimation working (v0.9.12)?

I modified the RBCmj1.mod file to do ML estimation, but it appears not to be working at the moment, giving the error message

MethodError(Dynare.parse_prior_distribution, (Val{0}(), Dict{String, Any}("p4" => "NaN", "jscale" => "NaN", "prior_distribution" => 0, "param" => "rhoA", "lower_bound" => "(-Inf)", "p3" => "NaN", "upper_bound" => "Inf", "init_val" => "0.9226", "mean" => "NaN", "std" => "NaN")), 0x00000000000068c1)
2024-05-28T10:00:56.104: End parser

which seems to indicate that it’s looking for a prior distribution. I also tried specifying only start values, without upper and lower bounds. It gave the same error message.

I can make an issue on Dynare.jl if I am not making some error.

NOTE: the file, when downloaded, seems to have the original name RBCmj1.mod. However, it has been modified with respect to that original.

RBCmle.mod (1.2 KB)

ML estimation isn’ t supported yet in DynareJulia (the documentation at Estimation · Dynare.jl indicates that estimation performs Bayesian estimation)

Please open an issue with a request to add Maximum Likelihood estimation and include your example.

Thanks, I opened an issue.

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