Matlab toolboxes

To run Dynare, is the basic version of Matlbab sufficient or do I need to buy additional toolboxes (optimization toolbox,…)? If yes, which ones?
Thanks for your answers.

No additional toolbox is necessary for running most of Dynare, except maybe for optimal simple rules ‘osr’ and that could be easily remedied
If you have the ‘optimization toolbox’, you will have additional options for solving for the steady state (solve_algo option) and for searching for the posterior mode/maximum likelihood (mode_compute option)

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I wanted to ask whether anything has changed over the past 6 years regarding the Matlab toolboxes need to run dynare. Do I only need the optimization toolbox to run all features of dynare?
I am asking because I have moved to a new institution, which has to acquire a new Matlab lisence for me. Many thanks for your help.

As far as I know not. Generally, it is nice to have the optimization and statistics toolboxes, but Dynare delivers most statistical functions in the folder “missing”.