Matlab crashes after trying opening .mod files

Dear all,

I would really appreciate any help or indication.

I’m a using dynare 4.4.3 under matlab R2015a. Every thing was working very well but now when i try to open a .mod file matlab crashes. i get the following message:

““matlab has encountered an internal problem and needs to close. The unsaved information you were working on may be lost””

I should notice that i always can process these .mod files (by typing: dynare “filename”) but matlab crashes just when i try to open them.

I yet re-instal dynare but the problem remains. I dont understand how to solve this problem or what I’m missing.

Again I would appreciate any help.

Best regards,

I encountered a similar problem last week. I guess you are using Windows 10. It seems that a recent Microsoft Update caused this problem. It should be solved with last Tuesday’s recent batch of Microsoft updates.

Thank you my dear professor. The magic works again!