Matlab 64 vs. octave with GCC on Linux

I am running Dynare 4.1.2 on a Matlab 64 on Linux using gcc 4.3.2. A small model works fine, but once I am using a larger model I am getting an ‘out of memory’ error even though the physical memory is not exceeded. So it seems to me as if this setting is actually not using the 64 architecture. Has anyone experience with this? Maybe Octave is better suited to interact with gcc and Linux on a 64 architecture?


Under Linux, 64-bit is very well supported, so your problem is not related to 32-bit versus 64-bit.

It must be something else: what kind of simulation (stochastic, deterministic) did you try ? What is the size of your model, the simulation length?


Hi Sebastien,

thanks for your reply.

With the latest version of Dynare I can now go to the actual physical memory restriction, so the problem seems to be solved.