Making dynare print the log-linearized version of my model

I am working with a simple small open economy NK model. My code works just fine, and I am making dynare log-linearize the model for me.
I wanted to know if there is a way that Dynare can print the loglinearized version of my model for me
Thank you very much


Dynare does not provide this. In principle it would be possible to do that, since Dynare computes the Jacobian matrix of the model analytically. But this jacobian has to be evaluated at the steady state to write the log-linear (or linear) approximation of the model. Even if we have a closed form expression for the steady state, the evaluation of the Jacobian matrix is done numerically by Dynare. Using this matrix to write the log-linear approximation we would obtain equations with numbers for the elasticities, instead of functions of the parameters, and that would not be very useful.


Thank you very much!