Make-dataset error how to solve that error?

Hi, all.

In DSGE-VAR model program, the file is correcting preprocessing but following error is uttered.
jpdat.mod (19.9 KB) jpmodel.mod (9.1 KB) jpdat.mod (19.9 KB)

error: makedataset: first_obs (1Y) - 4 cannot be less than the first date in the dataset (1Y)!
Reduce the number of lags in the VAR model or increase the value of first_obs
to at least first_obs=5.

The dataset in my model is 1981-1Q to 2018-4Q.
DATA is follow.
GDP, Consumption in household, Investment in household, Government Consumption, Government public consumption, government Merit consumption, Government Investment, Wages, Work time(hours in Q), cpi, interest, consumption tax in japan, income tax in japan, capital tax in japan.

I want know how to set VAR lag and what number of lag is fitting in that model.


You are using a DSGE-VAR with 4 lags, so you need to specify first_obs=5