Macrofiance DSGE

I am unable to run this simple RBC model with money and finance sector, attached is the mod file, can someone help me out?

dsge_11.log (210 Bytes)

That is not a mod file. Your log file says that you have an error in line 33, col 50: syntax error, unexpected ';'. Remove that unexpected ;.

dsge_11.mod (3.0 KB)

Your Euler equation has a bracket that never closes.

You have typos such inf(+1) and ce(1) in entrepreneur money demand and several missing brackets.

please can you be specific about which element doesn’t have the bracket closed?

For example, in you first equation, you write 1/ch = betah * (1/ch(+1)) * ((1 + rd)/(1 + p(+1)); and it should be 1/ch = betah * (1/ch(+1)) * (1 + rd)/(1 + p(+1));. Count the right and left brackets and see if they match. Quickly skimming, your second, your fourth, your fifth, your sixth, and probably others, have these problems.

after correcting it, it keeps throwing out,s something is wrong with line 33

Thank you. I have corrected it. so any advice on how deal with brackets?

What do you mean? Just be attentive with how you write the model equations.

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