Looping a model

Dear Professors and researchers,
You will observe that several times I ask looping questions.
In fact, despite your recommendations, I still have errors and I thought of sharing with you my code if it is possible to help me.
The code has defined the parameters, the equilibrium model, and this linearized.
I just detect the results when one of the tax rates (defined as variable tauc, taul, and tauk) varies from 0 to 1.
model1.mod (5.7 KB)

Sorry, but what is your question? There is no loop in the mod-file and it does not produce an error.

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The problem is that I don’t know the technique to calculate the stationary state vector for T =1, 2, … 100

You never clearly outlined what you are trying to do. What is T in this context? What do you mean with

stationary state vector

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Stationary state vector represents the values of the variables at equilibrium. This vector can change when one or more parameters are changed. T represents the government revenues. My goal is to calculate the equilibrium vectors by changing a tax (declared as variable tauc) from 0 up to 100%. But I don’t know how to do it on Dynare.


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I thank you Professor @jpfeifer for your time, and for a Help.