Loop over parameters and Steady State

Dear all,

I am using Dynare to loop over different parameters. I am following the approach laid in

and in the supplementary materials from “Risk matters. A Comment”.

I am wondering what happens with the steady state… First of all, I update the parameters as follows (the model is a standard RBC model as in SGU):

[code]xopt = [BETTA; DELTA; ALFA; RHO; RHOE; SIG; SD_A; SD_E];

app1.M_.params = xopt;[/code]

Then, I do,

[app1.oo_.dr,info,app1.M_,app1.options_,app1.oo_] = resol(0,app1.M_,app1.options_,app1.oo_);

All the matrices for the dynamic model change as expected. However, when I check the steady state,


it has not changed at all… Am I missing something?

UPDATE: I forgot to say that in the .mod file I add the steady state as a steady_state_model block

That is not where the most current steady state is saved. Whenever you call resol, the steady state is recomputed and saved on oo_.dr.ys.

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Ah sorry about that! Thanks! That works