Loop for human capital model

Dear Dynare Users,

As I am a truly beginner, I have a basic problem: loop over parameters. I know that this problem was discussed many times since I found some topics connected with it, but I didn’t find any solution for my problem.
I combined two model: DSGE and human capital model. The model’s most important parameter is named by „x”: x=private investment into human capital/total investment into human capital, 1-x=government investment into human capital/ total investment into human capital. I would like to let that „x” parameter vary.
I’ve already tried the given .m code, but it does not work properly (for example it could not recognise „var_list_”, or I get the following error: „Index exceeds matrix dimensions”). What should I write after stoc_simul (or how should I write my variables after stoch_simul)? Or has my Dynare file another problem?
I would be thankful for any help.
dsge_humancapital.m (417 Bytes)
dsge_humancapital.mod (1.1 KB)

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