Looking for guidance


First of all thank you in advance for your help and time. I am trying to estimate a NK model (sticky wages and prices at least) and I am relatively new in Dynare, I have been reading a lot of guides and models for a month so I understand the basics. I am trying to find Jesús Fernández-Villaverde and Juan F. Rubio-Ramírez 2006 model with data to replicate it, any help where I can find data or any guidance about where I can find a similar model to practice? the key is to have data because my the final target is to estimate a similar model for Spanish economy.



Hi uriargelich,

A good starting point is certainly NK_baseline.mod, in the examples folder that comes conveniently in your Dynare distribution. That file contains an implementation of FV(2006).

I am not aware of any ready-made available datasets concerning that model, but I suggest you ought to construct the dataset yourself :grinning:. I suggest you read paragraph 5.6 in FV(2010), “The Econometrics of DSGE Models”.

Thank you so much @cmarch, I will totally follow your advice!