Loading data in dynare++

Hello !

I have a question regarding how to load data (used for starting values) when using dynare++. The starting values I want to use is genereated by a Matlab program (not using dynare). I have a big model and thus do not want to enter starting values by hand in the mod file. First, I entered the starting values as a vector in the mod file (pasted from the workspace in Matlab):

Xsol = 1.32 3.24 …];

This did not work (dynare++ complained about left brackets) so I instead tried (in the mod file)


which didn’t work either.

Is there a way to easily load data when using dynare++ ?

I have more than 500 variables, so I am not too keen on entering them by hand (especially since I want to do sensitivity analysis and want to vary parameters and hence starting values)


dynare++ is a standalone program and doesn’t know how to read Matlab binary files.

My only suggestion is to use the Matlab program that prepares the initial values so as to write them in a text file and in a format that make it easy to copy paste in the *.mod file used for dynare++



Thanks, i’ll try that.