Linux CentOS preprocessor command not found

As the title suggests, I get:

Using 64-bit preprocessor
/usr/local/usrapps/xxx/xxx/dynare-4.5.4/matlab/preprocessor64/dynare_m: Command not found.

Alas, the command is indeed in that location. I guess something was not compiled right, but I can’t seem to find out what it is. I attached my config.log here if anyone cares to take a look. Dynare 4.5.4 by the way.config.log (268.3 KB)

It seems like you are missing packages (see the output of your log file where it says Dynare is now configured for building the following components... Is there a certain reason why you are using version 4.5.4? I am just asking because I know that we fixed some compilation issues on Fedora and RHEL recently in 4.6 and master branch, so maybe you should check the newer versions out? There is also some documentation on on which packages are required on Fedora and RHEL, so you should be able to adapt that for CentOS I think. Unfortunately, we have not yet a RPM package, but this is on our agenda in the near future.

I was going for 4.5.4 because I am replicating my old stuff (2018/19), but that was Windows. Not sure why it didn’t cross my mind until reading your reply that using 4.5.4 to do so actually doesn’t seem necessary whatsoever. I do have access to Matlab 2017b-2020.

I’ll give master a shot. If all else fails I can see if going to a different distro is an option for what I’m doing (testing some big multi-sector Dynare/Matlab on an HPC cluster!).

Thank you for the input!

Our university cluster is also running CentOS, I am using the following script to compile Dynare from source as some dependencies have been installed by the admins and are available as modules, but others need to be compiled from source as well:


# load modules (all three work, I am using the free open source one, but that is just my preference)
#module load ifort impi Boost Bison Automake Autoconf flex imkl GSL Doxygen MATIO SuiteSparse matlab/R2020b
#module load GCC OpenMPI zlib HDF5 Boost Bison Automake Autoconf flex OpenBLAS ScaLAPACK GSL Doxygen MATIO SuiteSparse matlab/R2020b

module load foss zlib HDF5 Boost Bison Automake Autoconf flex GSL Doxygen MATIO SuiteSparse matlab/R2020b

# create directories
export DYNARE_DIR=/home/w/w_muts01/dynare
mkdir -p $DYNARE_DIR
mkdir -p $DYNARE_DIR/slicot/lib
mkdir -p $DYNARE_DIR/x13as
mkdir -p ~/.local/bin
#make sure that ~/.local/bin is in your path 
echo $PATH

# compile slicot from source and put it into $DYNARE_DIR/slicot/lib/
cd $DYNARE_DIR/slicot
tar xf slicot_5.0+20101122.orig.tar.gz
cd slicot-5.0+20101122
make FORTRAN=gfortran OPTS="-O2 -fPIC -fdefault-integer-8" LOADER=gfortran lib
cp slicot.a $DYNARE_DIR/slicot/lib/libslicot64_pic.a

# compile x13as from source and put it into .local/bin
cd $DYNARE_DIR/x13as
tar xf x13assrc_V1.1_B39.tar.gz
sed -i "s|-static| |" # this removes '-static' in the
make -f FFLAGS="-O2 -std=legacy" PROGRAM=x13as
ln -s $DYNARE_DIR/x13as/x13as ~/.local/bin

# compile dynare stable
git clone --recurse-submodules --single-branch --branch 4.6 $DYNARE_DIR/stable-4.6
cd stable-4.6
autoreconf -si
./configure --with-matlab=/Applic.ZIV/Matlab/R2020b --disable-octave --disable-doc --with-slicot=$DYNARE_DIR/slicot
make -j20