Latex Reporting Error

Dear Friends,
I have a result matrix for a estimated model. Now I want to plot estimation results stored in oo_ matrix in PGFPLOTS/TikZ graphs format based on chapter 7 Dynare Reference Manual (Release 4.6.2). Although I prepared attached file using aforementioned manual, I got some strange errors.Would you mind helping me find the solution?

report_training.mod (958 Bytes)
oo_.mat (655 Bytes)

You also need to provide the _results.mat-file.

Dear John,

Although I think the code could be tested using every arbitrary _result.mat, I have just attached the file you asked.It is worth mentioning that I had to delete unnecessary data in oo_.mat in order to meet uploading limit regarding file size.


report_training.m (1.0 KB)
For some reason the xrange seems to be mandatory. Also, the title-strings must not contain any special strings that the \LaTeX-math interpreter does not know, i.e. & and _.