Kord exception error of Dynare++


My department installed a new server but when I tried to run my code with Dynare++, the following errors show up:

Caught (not yet fatal) Kord exception: At ./first_order.cweb:55:(255):NaN or Inf asserted in first order derivatives in FirstOrder::solve
Caugth Kord exception: At ./approximation.cweb:82:(255):Folded decision rule has not been created in Approximation::getFoldDecisionRule

The same code works fine on the old server with the same version of Dynare++. Computing services team is trying to solve this issue but not successful yet.
Would you give me any suggestions to fix this problem? Thank you in advance.

We need more information:

] Which version of Dynare++ did you install and where did you get it from?/:m]
] Is your server under GNU/Linux or Windows?/:m]
] Can you post the MOD file?/:m][/ul]


I am having the same problem. Please see attached. I have installed Dynare 4.4.2 in windows 7. I am attaching an m.file that actually creates the mod file.

Please let me know if you can help me with this issue!!

Thanks a lot
error.m (9.57 KB)

Dear all,

I meet with the similar Kord exception error of Dynare++.  Anyone know why it happens and how to fix it? Many thanks. 

Please see my mod. file as attached.

first.mod (1.02 KB)

Add some information:

I downloaded my dynare (version is 4.3.3) from the forum and I use it under windows.

Look forward to kind help.

Many thanks

Try first your model with Dynare Matlab. You will see that it doesn’t satisfay Blanchard and Kahn conditions for a unique stable solution