Kalman filter forecasting methods

Hello all,

I am wondering if any one knows how I can apply the Kalman filter forecasting method to monitor project project using baseline data and actual performance data?

Thank you.

Please explain in more detail what you want to do.

I am trying to use the Kalman filter to monitor project progress and forecast future performance.

In project management, the Kalman filter forecasting model uses a baseline plan and accounts for the cumulative progress curve that represents the amount of work to be completed at a time point. The forecasting technique focuses on the estimation of the deviation between the planned performance and the actual performance throughout the execution of the project. To perform the forecasting calculation, it requires the actual performance data, as well as the information regarding the budget at completion, the baseline progress curve, the planned duration (PD), and the prior probability distribution of the project duration at a current time.

Therefore, I’m having difficulty understanding how exactly this is done and am wondering if someone could help me understand how this model is applied with the aid of an example or provide any reading material that can help me understand this.