Julia vs GNU Octave as an alternative to MATLAB


I’m currently in the process to make my model open source. In order to do so, I need to transfer it to a free software. I am aware of GNU Octave and Julia. GNU Octave is very convenient as I do not have to transform my files, though for Julia I need to. However, Julia seems to be a faster option than GNU Octave.

Which open-source software would you recommend? Note that I do not need any stochastic features, my model is in a perfect foresight set up. I only use few features of Dynare.

Thank you

That depends on what you are aiming for with the open source project. Julia will be faster, but the user base is a lot smaller. Among Dynare users, the Matlab/Octave is probably 9:1. If you provide your codes for use with Octave, all the Matlab users can still directly use it.

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