Jacobian at the steady state error


I have supplied Dynare with a user-written steady state code ‘example_steadystate.m’. When I go to simulate the model I obtain the following error:

‘The Jacobian matrix evaluated at the steady state contains elements that are not real or are infinite’

To troubleshoot, I ran the following codes:

exo = [oo_.exo_steady_state; oo_.exo_det_steady_state];

When I examine the object ‘jacob’, I don’t see the issue. ‘isreal(jacob)’ returns 1, ‘isfinite(jacob)’ returns a matrix of 1s (i.e., ‘sum(sum(isfinite(jacob)))’ returns the number of equations/variables squared), and ‘sum(sum(imag(jacob)))’ returns 0. ‘sum(jacob(:))’ returns -4.6105.

Any clue as to where the issue might lie? I was getting this error in the past, but I actually did have some imaginary values which I was able to fix in the codes. Thanks.

I would need to see the files.

I’d rather not disclose all the files at this moment, but is there anything else you suggest checking? What else might cause the error? Thanks.

Edit: the elements in ‘jacob’ range from -60.75 to 42.73. Are these values too big?

I was not talking about publicly posting the files, but rather providing them via Email or PM.