Issues in Latex Output

Hi everyone!
I am trying to replicate a .mod file (attached) written to produce Latex code of model equations, calibrations, IRFs and all evaluation stats. However, as I try to compile associated Tex_binder.tex using Texworks under XeLatex, I get error messages:

Undefined control sequence.
1+{{\sigma _L}}, {{\eps nk_soe_oil_tex.mod (11.0 KB)
Package epstopdf Warning: Drivers other than `pdftex.def’ are not supported.

The binder file gets compiled with a few errors but output is not satisfactory.


There are several mistakes in the \LaTeX-definition. For example
\eps_ needs to be \epsilon_ and in the definition of `{\rho_{y_s}’ there is the closing bracket missing. A fixed file is attached.

nk_soe_oil_tex.mod (11.0 KB)

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Thank you very much for very useful guidance. Issue is resolved.