"isave" instead of save in Dynare produced .m file

The end of the .m file produced by Dynare states
instead of the usual "save(…)

an error msg “undefined function isave” then occurs when this line is run.

Any idea why this happens? I could clearly,by hand, take away the “i” in the .m-file every time, but it is a bit tedious.


Hi Karl,

can you send the *.mod file that produces that as well as details about
-Dynare version
-operating system

Since when do you observe the problem?

Kind regards



Sorry for this question - I found the mistake myself: I had written the letter “i” on the very last line of the .mod file, after 3-4 empty lines. The preceeding line contained the stoch_simul command.

I used Dynare version 3.065 and Windows XP.