Is Dynare compatible with the student version of Matlab?


Im just new to Dynare and Matlab. I was thinking of getting a copy of Matlab for my personal computer. Does anyone know if Dynare is compatible with the student version of Matlab?



i think it should be.

Can anyone confirm this? We are about to buy student version, install it on a server and students will have access from campus-based computers. I intend to use Dynare for teaching. It would be a shame to learn that this is impossible after we buy these licences

Many thanks


I can indeed confirm this. I have been using the 2007 student version of Matlab, with Dynare and I have managed to get it working just fine.


For me, Dynare does not seem to be fully compatible with Matlab 7.7 R2008b (Student version). I used to use a full version of Matlab 6.5 but recently purchased a more recent student version. My .mod files do not work fully with the student version and I get error messages saying things like “check” is an undefined variable, which is, of course, just Dynare code. There were no problems with the same .mod files with the older, non-student version of Matlab.

that is the problem of dynare 3.6 that is not generally working with matlab version 07b, 08a, 08b. I tested this. stay with version 07a and it should be ok.
for the newer versions of matlab dynare needs to be re-compiled.