Invalid mex file in Dynare 4.3.0

I have justed moved to dynare 4.3.0 using matlab 7.1.0 and get the error
??? Invalid MEX-file ‘d:\dynare2\4.3.0\matlab…\mex\matlab\win32-7.1-7.4\mjdgges.mexw32’: The specified procedure could not be found.

Any views if this is due to the specific matlab version used?

Yes I think this is specific to MATLAB 7.1. At least I got another report of the same problem by somebody using the same MATLAB version.

Did you experience this problem with previous versions of Dynare (4.2.5 for example)?

Also, as a workaround, you can try to delete the contents of mex/matlab/win32-7.1-7.4 and replace it by the contents of mex/matlab/win32-7.0

This solution works for me, thx :slight_smile: (and indeed i have the R14 sp3)