Invalid expression

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Hi all
I am currently working on a DSGE model for a credit cycle in a two country economy model. When running my modfile, I get the error that there is an invalid expression in the .mfile.
Error: File: Final.m Line: 345 Column: 58
Invalid expression. Check for missing or extra characters.

corresponding .mfile:
oo_.exo_steady_state = zeros(2, 1);
M_.params = NaN(42, 1);
M_.NNZDerivatives = [164; -1; -1];

M_.params( 2 ) = 0.99;
beta = M_.params( 2 );
M_.params( 1 ) = 0.98;

According to the error message, there is something wrong with the dashed line.

I have tried to replicate the model from the paper I base my model on and it gives me exact same error message for the exact same place for this new model.

Is there anyone that is able to assist? I attach my modfile for the first attempt as well.

Thank you in advance

There is a percent sign for the comment missing before the dashed lines.

% 2. Exogenous variables

must be

% 2. Exogenous variables
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