Invalid expression in dsge model

Error when trying to estimate a DSGE model. I keep getting this error message of invalid expression indicating red arrow on "estimation(datafile=daudaquarter,
mode_compute=6,mh_replic=50000,mh_nblocks=3,mh_jscale=0.24,mh_drop=0.3, mode_check, moments_varendo, filtered_vars,Bayesian_irf,irf=20,diffuse_filter);
identification;" How do i go about this.

Always provide the full error message and ideally the files to replicate the issue.

The mode_check, in my model has been indicating error whenever I want to run my model.

Which type of error? What is the exact output?

Dauda.mod (3.6 KB)

The above is the attached code, I keep getting error, unexpected name. Thank You.

There are missing semicolons and false capitalizations. After fixing those, the remaining errors are about variables you did not define. Also, you are ignoring parameter dependence.
Dauda.mod (3.6 KB)