Interpreting Identification Analysis graph


I am estimating a medium scale SOE model and use identification analysis. All my parameters are identified. I am interested in interpreting the graphs to see whether that gives any information. Also, I used the default option of prior mean to check the identification. What is the difference in using posterior mean instead? My identification graphs is attached ( I couldn’t open .eps file. This is MS word approximation of that file. Any idea to open .eps file directly?)

Thank you in advance. I have been improving my knowledge with the answers given in the forum. Thanks for all active members.

indent.pdf (87.6 KB)

This paper explains the identification command: … fFinal.pdf

Superficially and as far as I know, the more to the right in the graph, the more identified a parameter is.

Also, see my guide Pfeifer (2014): “An Introduction to Graphs in Dynare”

Thank you very much for both of you. Jpfeifer, your contribution through both of your latest papers are amazing.