Installing Dynare on Mandriva 2009


I would just like to ask if anyone has tried installing Dynare in Mandriva 2009. I tried following the installation instructions for Ubuntu and Debian but no success so far.

Thank you


I don’t have access to Mandriva, but what kind of error message are you getting?



Thanks Michel for the reply. Dynare finally worked in Mandriva 2009. Here is the step by step summary of the methods for future reference:

  1. Download the latest version of Dynare ( Dynare-4.0.3). Unzip it.
  2. In the console as a root user, copy the contents to /lib/dynare. (cp -R /home/dynare/* lib/dynare)
  3. $ cd lib/dynare/preprocessor.
  4. $ make

If there is error in compiling, read this carefully ([1])
If there is no error read the link as well to better understand what is happening :slight_smile:, then proceed to step 5.

  1. Launch Matlab Application then from the command window go to lib/dynare/mex/sources.
  2. Type in matlab console: build_matlab

This will compile the different dynamic libraries according to your processor specifications. [1]

  1. mv MATLAB_PATH/sys/os/glnx86/ MATLAB_PATH/sys/os/glnx86/

This deletes the gcc library distributed (and used by default) by matlab (GCC 4.1.1). Mandriva 2009 uses GCC 4.3.2. This removes the compatibility issues. [2]

  1. add the correct path at run time. [3] Type in matlab console: addpath /lib/dynare/matlab.

This should be working by now. Try and test it.

  1. You should be in this current directory (in matlab): lib/dynare/doc/userguide/models.
  2. Try running this mod file: dynare fs2000ns.mod



[3] … anOrUbuntu