Installed Dynare: example is working but own dynare.mod file will not work "Unrecognized function or variable ..."

i istalled Dynare for Matlab like instructed here Quick Start | Dynare and everything seemed to work, even the example1 test worked.
So i wanted to try to open/run code that we did in a course in university.
Therefore i copied the .mod file we did in university into the working directory folder where i also copied the example1 code before.
It does load the code but when i try to run it, every command that is dynare specific will result in the error "Unrecognized function or variable ‘placeholder’ " .

Do you have an idea what the problem might be?

Thanks a lot.

I just figuered out that opening the file with the command “dynare Filename” will make the whole code run through and even give me the graphics plotted by the code immediately but if i try to run every command one after another, after opening it the “regular way” by clicking on “open” and selecting the file, i get the same errort message as stated above when running the first dynare specific command…

Dynare mod-files are parsed by the preprocessor in order to turn the Dynare syntax into exectutable Matlab code. Generally, you can not simply run Dynare code in Matlab.