Installation Problems


I’m having trouble running any .mod files, I have followed the set-up instructions as best as i could but get the following message:
dynare rbc_simple1.mod
??? Undefined function or method ‘dynare’ for input arguments of type 'cha

I’m running Ubuntu and Matlab2010a which is installed in /home/user/matlab ,dynare is installed at /usr/lib/Dynare, and when installing it I indicated where Matlab was installed. I’ve added the dynare directories to Matlabs paths and tried re-installing dynare, all to no avail. Any help would be really appreciated.

thanks, d

I have a similar set up. What path did you add to Matlab? Is it the matlab folder of Dynare? Something like /usr/lib/Dynare/4.x.x/Matlab without the subdirectories? If so, maybe it’s a permissions issue?

Hey, thanks so much for replying. I’ve managed to fix the problem…i feel like a bit of an idiot to be honest, as you suggested it was just a mistake in the paths, all good now.

Thanks again,.