Installation of Dynare 6.0 in Octave

Hello to all,

It is great to have a new version of this excellent software.

I have tried to download the latest version for Octave in macOS using Homebrew, but I get this message when I install it from the terminal. Does anyone know why is this happening?

brew install dynare
Warning: dynare 5.5_1 is already installed and up-to-date.
To reinstall 5.5_1, run:
brew reinstall dynare

Thank you very much.

We don’t maintain the Homebrew version ourselves. At this time, the brew formula is still for 5.5, see homebrew-core/Formula/d/dynare.rb at e2b240c98eb652ddde59492a8b622da3db17213a · Homebrew/homebrew-core · GitHub

Thank you for your reply.