Installation of Dynare 5.2: Cannot connect GitHub

When I install dynare 5.2, it always gives me this tip:
“Not able to connect to Either you are not connected to the internet or is blocked where you are.
Access to GitHub is necessary to make Dynare work with the use_dll option on macOS.”
However, I can connect to github on google by myself. I need to use “use_dll” so how to deal with the problem excepting canceling GCC.

Which operating system are you on?

macOS Monterey 12.5.1
I could use vpn to connect github but when I install dynare, it tells me “cannot connect github” What happened…

Without a VPN, you cannot connect to Github?


That’s a problem. A VPN is supposed to be transparent to applications, but in your case it seems not to be. Will you be using use_dll?

yes. use_dll is very important for me. how can I deal with the problem. do I need to change my hosts?

For Dynare 5.2, you can try to install gcc 11 via Homebrew manually instead of via the installer. See gcc@11 — Homebrew Formulae

okkk, I will have a try. thank you very much.