Installation failure with Dynare 4.6.4

It’s actually interesting because brew knows we’re on Big Sur:
% brew config | grep macOS
macOS: 11.5.1-arm64

But % brew install gmp worked.

The install still failed with the same gmp install error though. I see from the logs that we’re installing gcc so I installed that and the install still tried to install GCC and GMP, and failed with the same gmp error.

Is this all happening in a container?

Maybe it’s because of M1. Have you tried getting support at Homebrew? Also, maybe Compile from source on Mac M1 Apple Silicon architecture (#1780) · Issues · Dynare / dynare · GitLab provides some clues. @wmutschl Have you experienced anything like this?

No I have not. Could you try to install Dynare from source? Following this video:

Does this work for you? Particularly, be careful with the arch -x86_64 prefix!

I also have the problem Error: Failed to download resource “gmp” when install Dynare on my macOS Big Sur version 11.5.1 (not M1 cheap)
Could you please teach me how to solve this problem?Thank you very much!

install.log (256.0 KB)

We are at a loss what is going on. I opened a discussion at

We received the answer that Bintray has shut down. You need to update the copy of brew with

brew update

in order to download from Homebrew’s new bottle host (GitHub packages). @Ashley Could you please try that and report back.

no Prob.
thank you for your reply!

I tried uninstall homebrew and install dynare as @sebastien suggested but failed again.

Then I reinstall homebrew and ran brew update.
Here is the result.

==> Installation successful!

==> Homebrew has enabled anonymous aggregate formulae and cask analytics.
Read the analytics documentation (and how to opt-out) here:
No analytics data has been sent yet (or will be during this `install` run).

==> Homebrew is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. Please consider donating:

==> Next steps:
- Run `brew help` to get started
- Further documentation:
ashley@maomaoyudarendeMacBook-Pro ~ % brew update
Already up-to-date.
ashley@maomaoyudarendeMacBook-Pro ~ % 

After this, I installed dynare but failed.

And here is my new install.log showing the same problem we aimed to solve. @jpfeifer

curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 403 Forbidden
Error: Failed to download resource "gmp"
Download failed:

install.log (260.3 KB)

Ok, thanks. There are two more things you could try:

  1. Install Dynare 4.6.4 without the GCC compiler.
  2. Try installing the unstable version from Download | Dynare

I currently have the same problem with a 16" Mac (So no M1 chip). I was able to install the unstable version of July 24.

Ok, that means the 4.6.4 macOS package is broken due to a change in Homebrew. Please then stick with the unstable version. We are very close to releasing it as Dynare 4.7. next month.

OK,thank you,
I tried install dynare-4.8-unstable-2021-08-16-1402-f6efb4dd.pkg and dynare-4.8-unstable-2021-07-24-1226-ebfa7274.pkg.
only the 07-24 version installed successfully.

And I have attached the install.log of the failed 08-16 version below, hopefully it will help you find what’s going on.
install.log (10.0 KB)

Thanks again for your help!
Looking forward to the release of the new version!

Thanks! the same unstable version works for my Mac, too.

@Ashley The message

curl: (35) LibreSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to

suggests there was a connection issue. Does the installation of the recent unstable always fail?

It’s my fault. You’re right, the installation failed because of the bad network. I tried the 8-16 version again and it was installed successfully.

M1 chip signing in. Success with dynare-4.8-unstable-2021-08-19-1308-d3678edb.pkg. I think you all got it!

Dear All,

I am receiving the same “The installation failed.” message after trying installing Dynare 4.6.4 on my Mac with MacOS Monterey. Please find the install.log file attached.

install.log (252.8 KB)

Could you please help me with the issue?

The problem described at

applies here as well. Please try the unstable version or the 4.7beta.

I can confirm that the beta2 and unstable can be installed on MacOS Monterey (MacBook Air M1). Alternatively, you can always compile from source, see the instruction video mentioned above.

Thank you a lot for the quick reply! It is working now!