Input data issue for conditional forecast

Hi, I plan to use “conditional forecast” command to compute the shocks given values of endogenous variables. My question is related the data input of endogenous variables values. I noticed that there is “conditional_forecast_paths” command to specify those values. However, it has to follow the format:
var xx;
periods 1:n;
values xx xxx xx;

But I have 21 endogenous values with 60 periods. I am wondering if there’s a more efficient, easier way to input these data. For example, in the estimation command, we could specify the data set using options datafile = xxx. I wonder if there’s a similar option under “conditional_forecast” command. Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately, something like this is not available. But you can try to cheat Dynare. The constrained path are stored in

in Dynare 4.4.3. You can try to reset this variable directly before calling conditional_forecast
This will require some effort and care on your part, but could be feasible.